Bob Finch


The amateur radio operator's "ham shack" is where his various radios and ancillary equipment resides. Many 'ham' radio operators take great pride in what they have assembled and what they accomplish with this equipment. I am no exception. My current shack consists of the following equipment. With the the exception of two items has all been purchased in non operating condition and then repaired and restored to "like new" condition.

- Heathkit SB-104 HF transceiver.
- Heathkit SB-614 Monitor Scope
- Heathkit SB-634 Station Console
- Heathkit SB-644a External VFO
- Heathkit SB-604 Power Supply and Speaker
- Heathkit SB-230 Linear Amplifier
- Heathkit SB-670 Antenna system tuner
- Heathkit SB-620 IF Spectrum Analyzer
- Heathkit HD-1410 CW Keyer
- R390a - HF Receiver
- R390a - 2nd HF Receiver
- SP-600-JX17 - HF Receiver
- Heathkit CT-1 Capci-Tester
- Heathkit IT-17 Tube Checker
- SG-85a/URM-25D Signal Generator
- AN/USM 223 Multimeter
- Custom Rockwell Bench A.C. Autotransformer
- Heathkit HD-1422A Noise Bridge
- GLB TNC-2A AX.25 Terminal Node Controller

This equipment was purchased in "kit" form or designed and assembled from parts. In many cases these were 'early production' models and required circuit and possibly assembly modifications to make them useable.

- NorCal 40A 40 meter HF tranceiver - EXTENSIVELY MODIFIED
- HF tranceiver for 40 meters - CUSTOM Design and Construction.
- NE-3040 30 meter HF tranceiver - EXTENSIVELY MODIFIED
- NorCal SST 20 meter HF tranceiver
- W9GR DSP 3 - Audio DSP Signal 'Enhancer'
- Breed 20 meter HF Tranceiver - EXTENSIVELY MODIFIED
- Various ATS rigs
- A whole bunch of un-built qrp kits

The above lists represents about 1/3 to 1/2  of the actual equipment in my 'shack'. The rest are either awaiting repair and restoration or I simply do not use enough to list here. I also have not bothered to mention any of the test equipment I use in these repairs or my collection of antique radio, telephone, telegraph, electronic test equipment, slide rules, and calculators.