W9YA's L3 Certification Article

Whooie in the High Plains of Colorado Springs


My life as a BAR (Born Again Rocketeer) began with a gift to my son on his birthday from a school mate. He had received an Estes mini-engine model rocket starter kit which he forgot about until the spring of 2007 when he asked me for some help. Over the next few months we sought out both the ZIA Spacemodelers club and the Albuquerque Rocket Society to be able to take advantage of flying with a club at Grant's insistence. Yep, as you might have guessed, my son Grant ignited the dormant fires of my youth and I took off on my High-Power Rocketry certification journey that culminated with the very first L3 certification awarded at a NARAM. Along the way to this flight I developed a unique flying saucer style "odd-roc" that only weighs 12 lbs. (dry weight) yet can be flown with M class motors delivering over 1200 lbs. of total impulse ! i.e. There have been a few M-class flying saucers, but they are heavy and usually quite large. The author is not aware of any that have managed to fly with light-weight materials successfully prior to his flight. *** NOTES about the Chicago flight using 2 inch stock foam-board.

My construction story is here.

Rocket Graphics courtesy of the Crystal Space Community. Pictures courtery of Nadine Kinney, Tom Beach, Greg Elder, and Grant Finch