The W9YA Project Website

yfktest Contest Logging Software

I've been helping to maintain this since the spring of 2011. It's useful & a fun way to learn
perl coding. Use the procedure in the README.NOW file to download the latest version.


A project from the earliest days of live-cds. I took a dare and built this over a weekend.
It's strictly alpha software but for 4 months it was my ONLY computer system !!


Some of my radio equipment located in my ham (amateur) radio 'shack'.

Yes, I am a Rocket Scientist !

A Different Rocketry project I have taken the time to document.

Notes on Survival

Notes to 'GROK'. (It started for me with the Boy Scouts and Troop 38.)

Long-Distance Launch Control

This was recently published in Sport Rocketry Magazine.

For more information, please e-mail Bob Finch at: